About Us 關於我們

Dyna Gym focuses on constructing a clean and spacious gym setting, offering our members a comfortable environment to conduct various fitness activities, specially Muay Thai and Boxing. Our very experienced trainers manage Muay Thai and Boxing classes which target on not only combat techniques, but also cardiovascular fitness and physical strength. Besides our regular classes, our coaches customize Personal Training Program for our valued members. Personal trainers can closely monitor participants to better fulfil their individual needs. In addition to integrated Muay Thai and Boxing techniques, members can also experience advanced stretching, strength and stamina training. Dyna Gym is now offering you a new lifestyle of fitness.

Dyna Gym專注於建設一個潔淨、寬敞的健身中心,為我們的會員提供舒適的環境去進行各種健身活動,特別是泰拳和拳擊運動。我們經驗豐富的教練設計了不同的泰拳和拳擊課程,訓練學員們的實戰技巧,強增體力,改善心肺功能。除了我們的基本課程外,我們的教練亦會為學員度身訂造個別的訓練計劃。私人教授可以讓教練更密切地觀察學員的身體狀況,更容易滿足個別的健身需求。除了泰拳與拳擊技巧,會員還可以體驗不同的伸展、力量和耐力訓練。DynaGym為您打造健康的生活新態度。